Israel-Iran: from the war of attrition to the declared war

(To Tiziano Ciocchetti)

The Israeli air force, on the night between Saturday and Sunday, struck a Iranian Pasdaran military equipment depot (it would appear to be drone weapons) near Damascus. On the same night, in south Beirut, the Hezbollah (Shiite militia funded and trained by Iran) claim to have shot down two Israeli drones.

This time, the Israeli government, instead of releasing the usual smoky statements that do not confirm deny what happened, issued an official note in which it confirmed the attack, as of the Pasdaran Aviation at the depot, operating in Syria to support the Assad's Iranian pro-regime. Bibi Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister said that: Iran does not enjoy immunity anywhere in the Middle East.

Furthermore, the Jewish state is widening its range of action in the war (now declared) against Iran. In fact it was only recently learned that the 19 last July Israeli fighters struck weapons depots belonging to Shiite militias, supported by Tehran, north of Baghdad. The attacks would also continue in August, causing a great deal of ill feeling in Washington.

The Heyl Ha'Avir (Israeli Air Force) has probably used in these raids the Ra'am ("thunder"), essentially a F-15E equipped with an APG-70 radar with terrain mapping capabilities but which differs from the version original for some modifications mainly concerning the equipment: Radar Warning Receivers alarm, integrated directly into Israel; for electronic warfare, based on the Elisra SPS-2110 IEWS suite (Integrated Electronic Warfare System), also of national conception; those of positioning GPS / INS. In addition, it has the possibility of using DASH (Display And Sight Helmet) which allows the two crew members to aim with target weapons placed anywhere in their visual space.

With a maximum range, without refueling in flight, equal to 4.450 km, which translates into a combat radius of 2.250 km (with a maximum war load of 11.000 kg), the Ra'am could easily have hit Baghdad (which is about 900 km from Israel) and return to its bases.

Photo: IDF