The Russians present a new submarine, star patriotism


Within the next few years, Russia could build a new series of fifth-generation conventional submarines with air independent propulsion. The new 'Kalina' class submarines could go into production by 2020.

This was stated by the number one of the Russian Navy, Admiral Viktor Chirkov at the Ria Novosti.

The choice to present a new class of submarines to the public is not accidental, but well thought out.

Russian patriotism, with the annexation of Crimea and the failure of the West to intimidate Moscow with sanctions that could prove to be boomerangs, has reached historic heights.

The development of the AIP (Air Independent Propulsion) system is expected to be completed by 2017, with the first boat equipped with air independent propulsion ready by 2018.

Franco Iacch

(in the photo: the Sankt-Peterburg, the only Lada-class AIP in service)

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