Afghanistan: Sniper eliminates six Talibans with a bullet


An English sniper killed six insurgents with a single bullet in Afghanistan after hitting a suicide bomber's activation device.

The chosen shooter, corporal of the Coldstream Guards, hit the target from a distance of 850 meters, killing the suicide attacker and the five comrades who were hit by the explosion.

The incident took place in the Kakaran area in southern Afghanistan in December, but was only released now that Britain is approaching the withdrawal of all combat forces by the end of the year.

Lt. Col. Richard Slack, commander of the 9 / 12 Royal Lancers, said the sniper prevented a serious attack by the Taliban.

A second robe padded with 20kg of explosives was found nearby.

The military man, on his first duty, had already killed a Taliban gunner from well-1.340 meters away.

Source: The Telegraph

(Photo: US DoD archive)