Urso (FdI): "The fact that a NATO member threatens other countries is not something to be underestimated ..."

(To Andrea Cucco)

One of the first reactions to the threats made by Turkish President Erdogan to Europe (If the EU accuses us of "occupation" of Syria and will hinder our military "operation", "we will open the doors to 3,6 millions of refugees and send them to you!") was that of the vice president of Copasir, the senator of FdI Adolfo Urso.

We contacted him to understand what strategies could be put in place to adequately respond to the Ottoman Sultan and his tremendous war machine.

Senator, can you remain helpless or limit yourself to formal references to certain issues?

No. I ask that the EU take an active part with "selective" sanctions. I do not mean sanctions in general against the Turkish people or their businesses (which work a lot with Italian ones) but against Erdogan and his clique. Selective actions can be taken against people who are compromised with the illegality that results from the ongoing repression or threats against the European Union.

In addition to the application of sanctions, any EU aid to Ankara must be suspended. The European Union cannot be blackmailed!

Finally, theXNUMX / XNUMX days - not the "suspension" - of any agreement for the admission of Europeans to Turkey.

Isn't it a good time to uncover the background of past years? Who bought oil or archaeological goods for years by financing ISIS ...?

The urgency for now is to stop a genocide and military action. Then recreate a stable, united and - possibly - respectful of civil rights Syria.

It really serves Now a peace conference on Syria. Turkey is only adding further destabilization to a country that has already suffered too many victims.

Can re-establishing contacts with the Syrian government be an indirect weapon?

We cannot ignore the Assad government. We are all aware of this. He is a stakeholder and contributed to the defeat of ISIS. Unfortunately, as happens in any war, it too was guilty of crimes.

Senator, in eight years, however, too many lies have been told. Especially at the beginning ...

We leave the truth to historians. We must face the present: let us worry about the possible implementation of threats by Erdogan with millions of refugees who will cross the Balkans. Should borders be closed?

Europe has a duty to act quickly before the situation worsens and becomes unmanageable.

Do you always use the term "Europe" because you know that internationally Italy doesn't count for anything?

I use that term because it is not just our country that is threatened.

Let's not forget that Turkey is also part of the Atlantic Alliance. That a member of NATO is threatening other countries is not something to be underestimated ...

We hope that, after action at European level, the Turkish people will soon become aware of the consequences of the wickedness of the acts of one's own government or at least of its president.

Photo: presidency of the republic of Turkey