Sunday 3 September at 18.00: "Difesa Online interviews fellow citizen Roberto Vannacci"

(To Andrea Cucco)

Two weeks ago, before the media and political storm unleashed by a long series of articles which defined him as "homophobic" and "racist", I asked Roberto Vannacci for an interview: we had agreed for 3 September.

Many days have passed since then, the climate has worsened and even today too many negative comments are based exclusively on what is reported by others and not on direct reading of the book "The world upside down".

After the dismissal (let's not fool ourselves by calling it a "changeover"!), the insults received, the siege of colleagues, the summary judgments, the orders and censures from above, I wondered if he would still be available and I sent a message...

The answer came after a few minutes: "Director, I do not withdraw the words given. All confirmed."

To inaugurate the new live season, Sunday 3 September at 18.00, we will interview fellow citizen Roberto Vannacci.

See you there!

Photo: Ministry of Defense