Interview with the commander of the 17th stormo raiders, col. Livio Albano: "heirs of ADRA"

(To Andrea Cucco)

Il 17th Raiding Wing is the first level unit (Tier 1) of the Air Force Special Forces. The department is made up of raiders capable of carrying out the entire spectrum of Special Operations (OS) guaranteeing the COFS (Joint Command for Special Forces Operations), in addition to the latter, also the satisfaction of the more distinctly aeronautical missions such as Airfield Seizure (airport conquest operations), the preparation of Assault Zones in semi-permissive or non-permissive environments through the use of Combat Controller Team (CCT) made up of qualified raiders Air Traffic Operator (ATO) e Combat Weather Operator (CWO).

The commandos of the Air Force are distinguished by the characteristic sand-colored beret with frieze of the darkened AM.

8 years since our previous visit (v. link) we returned to Furbara, headquarters of the flock, to appreciate the progress made and the continuity of a tradition that draws its origins from Arditi Destroyers of the Regia Aeronautica (ADRA).

Colonel Livio Albano, commander of the 17th, explains the department, the values, the activities and the requirements for admission, finally giving us (video at the bottom) a small demonstration (release of a hostage) in the context of "Close Quarters Battle" ( CQB - set of military techniques for combat in confined spaces) thanks to excellent instructors and an excellent team of students in formation of the flock.

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Images: Online Defense