The war in Syria explained by a fellow countryman: Ouday Ramadan

(To Andrea Cucco)

During the last Syrian report we listened to ministers to ordinary people at the bar, from servicemen to veterans. One of the most interesting witnesses, however, for preparation and analysis of the situation, was a fellow citizen, Ouday Ramadan.

Raised in Lebanon during the civil war, he experienced numerous first-person Middle Eastern events. Son of an eminent Alawite spiritual guide, "hot head" has always preferred the political aspect of human life: the AK with which he turned as a boy was not plastic ...

He has lived for decades in Italy, a country that loves deeply and in which he has realized work and family.

Despite the 40 ° fever, the last day of his stay in Syria allowed us to record this interview.

It is a precious document: after a brief presentation, we discover Syrian history up to the recent days explaining what the media hastily (or maliciously) defines as the "Alawite regime", the real scope of the Russian intervention and many changing backstories the cards on the table. Or at least those that are shown to us Italians ...

Good vision!