Exclusive Online Defense Interview: What Do Libyans Think About Italy?

(To Francesco Bergamo)

By now the Libyan question is becoming a mantra obsessively repeated by the national media. Yet Libya has not yet said everything in detail.

The past few years the Libyan citizens in transit in Italy told of a country in which it turned a considerable amount of money (unlike the time of Gaddafi) but absolutely insecure (a diferent of the time of Gaddafi!). So we created the fertile ground for ISIS, creating Westerners and putting them in power, incapable and corrupt?

The newspapers write about the country every day and every now and then there are warriors ready to fight ... How is the situation from within? How to judge foreigners and especially Italians?

As is evident from the questions above, there are informative gray areas that do not allow you to have a complete view of how things really are. To make up for this lack, Online Defense interviewed a person who lives in Libya with the intention of understanding what the people are saying, ordinary people, to understand from their point of view how things are and what their aspirations are. . The source, who boasts high-level contacts in Libya, agreed to answer but asked for anonymity.

How was Libya with Gaddafi?

"The Colonel loved the country and fought enemies and false friends.

There was security. In the evening we walked around, prices were monitored by the government and many fears were people's fantasies. Nobody was starving and the economy was spinning. The bourgeoisie did not speculate as today. There was discontent, but who wouldn't be after forty years of the same government? "

How is it now?

"Foreign countries are competing to have the loyalty of this or the other militia. All friends - officially in international institutional offices - and then bitter enemies under the table.

Many here have sold the country. Many are convinced that a leading exponent of the revolution has had the political responsibility of having sold Libya to the US for a fee and now it would be abroad.

The Libyan people initially believed in the militia, but then saw that many were only interested in stealing and making cash, which are sponsored by various foreign nations and lobbies interested in creating chaos. For many money are also willing to sell themselves to the ISIS "of the web" that continually tries to make propaganda on the territory. The Libyans realized that there are few truly patriotic militias.

In the chaos, the strong powers manage to freeze and rob Libya's money abroad, to take and perhaps not to pay for gas and oil, to destroy the Libyan assets with speculations. An example: the destroyed power plants replaced by obsolete generators hired at a high price to the governments of Tripoli and Tobruk.

The embargo to the Legitimate Government, resulting from normal elections, serves to sell weapons at higher prices, as well as obviously to prevent him from fighting Isis / Daesh.

The economy is in chaos! Here prices increase for speculations and the generations of the years '80 and' 90 have been destroyed. This war has brought to power thieves, scammers and murderers. Honest people have seen their status deteriorate and are impoverished. "

How are Italians seen?

"Well! Despite the ambiguity of the last few years. Gaddafi confided in the protection of Italy. He did not consider, however, that Italy is bound by public debt to international banks and military ties with the US.

For the people, Italy, when it denied support for Gaddafi, damaged its own economy by losing the contracts earned with so much sweat and putting ENI's plants at risk.

Libyans regret beauty and organization under the Italians. There were the Omar Moktar knot and the concentration camps, but the advantages were many all the same. The current thinking is that if the Italians had remained Libya today would be as beautiful as Italy.

When the people look at the buildings made during the Fascist era and compare them with those made by Gaddafi and those not made during the Ottoman occupation, the comparison always makes Italy a winner.

Libya has felt betrayed but still nourishes the hope that Italy will take the situation in hand and can remedy it.

We appreciate the Italian ingenuity and industriousness and the abandonment of any colonialist idea. An idea that the USA, France and the UK still pursue.

The Libyans would accept the help, if this meant to be tied to Italy economically and politically and perhaps even militarily, but they do not want an Italy that is only the mask of the colonialists who use Italy to conquer Libya ».

Is the power of ISIS rooted and extended?

"Isis in Libya is like the Phoenix Arab: foreigners say it exists, but the Libyans have never seen it! I mean the ISIS of the videos that run on the web: muscular, well-dressed, clean youngsters who shoot professional films.

Here the militias are formed by thin boys with camouflages of many colors, crumpled and dirty, tired, deluded, malnourished, often full of alcohol, hashish and tablets to face a reality that is not easy to deal with every day.

They are of various kinds: from the most secular to the most extreme, often in disarray and without funds. For a few thousand dinars they carry the black flag home and shoot the video that the media need to alarm the world and persuade governments to increase military budgets at the expense of social ones.

Here are young people irreversibly devastated by the war. Those who were saved were only the cowards, the sons of fathers, those who had a strong family that kept them at home and those who really had a lot of luck: those who followed the war from their living room or bedroom of a hotel or an apartment in Tunisia or in another country or who really, no one knows how, came out unscathed physically even if not psychologically.

The boys in disarray are prey of militias. They follow a leader or occult powers, convinced or not of what they do, just to have some money and feel proud. In Derna, for example, where the Islamic extremists who were expelled from Gaddafi and who had gone to reinforce the Taliban in Afghanistan and Iraq have returned, local families have so often asked the Government to help them take their children out of the street, to give their job or occupation, to take them away from these unscrupulous mercenaries who buy them for two money, a Kalasnikov, some alcohol, hashish and tablets. But the new Libyan government, with all its problems, was unable to deal with them.

The Sisters of Derna who ran away, plants from all the families after forty years of honored work and dedication to the local people (unfortunately, they too) were a consequence of the mismanagement of the Libyan boys after the war.

Isis here is at an embryonic level and uses local forces in disarray.

Unfortunately, lately the ISIS of the web orders to implement the ancient and uncivil Sharia laws at times, as is happening in Sirte and as it happened in Derna.

Some rumors say that in Sabratha there would be training camps for these boys and they would be trained for terrorist actions aimed at creating panic in Europe.

Finally Bengazi remains, where the extremist militias are giving a hard time to Haftar who is asked to fight them without weapons, since it still suffers from the embargo.

The oil wells are safe because they are protected by Special Forces of Oil, created by Gaddafi, the only efficient ones in Libya today. They are controlled by Ibrahim Jodhran and are headed only by the NOC (National Oil Corporation, the national oil company, ed.).

If NATO did not make the mistakes it made in Iraq, bombing the army that was fighting ISIS, the Oil Army would certainly be able to keep Islamic extremists at bay.

For the people it would be enough to block the money that comes to the militia, because they do not execute the orders anymore. The most popular idea is that this is not the true intent of the powerful puppeteers.

The Libyans do not like Islamic extremists, even though they were initially defended because they did not find it right that Gaddafi had fought them. Once they have known their true face and nature, they have changed their minds ».

Is the Coalition fighting terrorism for the Libyans?

"The Coalition is fighting for the strong powers that aim to colonize the economically and politically independent rich countries and increase the military budgets of countries around the world.

If we really wanted to fight terrorism, with the control systems to which everyone is subject nowadays, it would be impossible for terrorists to make it even for the sale of weapons.

In any case, people claim that:

1) Terrorism to act requires money, weapons and presence on the territory. Why can not Western secret services and governments monitor these three components?

The weapons of a Western country, where the controls are very high, where do they come from without local armies?

2) Terrorism uses hatred to look for manpower. If NATO were limited to protecting the borders of the countries that compose it instead of going to make wars right and left, it would avoid so much hatred and terrorism would not easily find men.

3) Terrorism often finds proselytes in impoverished countries. If multinationals stop using certain countries and put corrupt governments in command, well-being would prevent terrorism from making easy recruitment.

For money you sell everything - the lives of others included - and often to help their families on the pavement. This is happening also in Tunisia where many jihadists are recruited after the revolution. And what does this bring? To force governments to make important and irreversible decisions in a short time. A beautiful and good blackmail weapon ".

Is the Government of Tobruk legitimized by the people?

"The Government of Tobruk comes from regular elections (2014) and that due to security issues, turnout has not exceeded 10%. The elected Parliament has formed the Government.

The Muslim Brotherhood were losers and did not accept the result: by force they took power in Tripoli. Parliament and the government took refuge in safe areas such as Tobruk and Beida. The Libyan people have seen that the international community has not given the opportunity to defend itself by lifting the arms embargo, creating a situation of powerlessness. There was no military power on the territory. The various secular and non-secular militias, including those pro-Isis, took the opportunity immediately. Many Libyan funds abroad are still frozen and the government actually has little money.

You see, if the UN wanted a stable and secure Libya, it would have to protect the 2014 elections so that the turnout was greater and give full power to those who won them, including weapons at will and thawing of funds to the abroad, given that the militias have many and come from the countries that promote the instability of Libya. The people argue that part of the responsibility of both Turkey and the Gulf countries.

The Muslim Brotherhood took Tripoli and gave birth to a new government. It is crazy to have them participate in the negotiations for the formation of a single government: it means recognizing them even if they have lost the elections ».

Who currently controls the oil wells?

«As mentioned before: theOil Army».

What do the Libyans of the Italian 4 hostage say?

"They say it's a great mystery, given that the Libyans love Italians and therefore condemn the hungry for money that has taken them.

I was interested in their release, but it seems that now nobody knows anything about it. They seem to have disappeared into nothingness. In any case, behind this kidnapping there are many mysteries ".

If the Italian armed forces arrived in Libya, would they support the people?

"The Italian Armed Forces would have consent in Libya if they came to help the army during the elections, certainly not to protect the Government of a guy who was chosen by few and not by the people and therefore is seen as a puppet government chosen by colonialists.

The Libyans do not want to end Iraq even if the road looks like that.

The Libyans know that the UN or NATO want to send Italians to Libya because they are the ones most loved by the Libyans, but they know that this Italian façade would only cover the colonialism of the USA, France and the UK. So they do not want to know about these conditions! »

Is Isis where it is rooted? Is it true that it controls 250 km of coastline?

"The militias that ISIS uses on the web are located in Sirte, Bengazi, Derna and Sabratha.

They control some areas, I do not know exactly if 250 km of coastline, but in any case they are monitored by secular ones ».

Recently an exponent of the government of Tobruk made it clear in the press to Russia to enter Libya and defeat ISIS. It would be a good idea?

"In Tobruk there is nothing left but this, given that the UN maintains the arms embargo and when it bombs Islamic extremist militias in Sirte, the UK is scolding!

In short, the Coalition is certainly not helping Tobruk and given the results that Russia has reported in Syria it is obvious that you look with interest to Putin ».