Online Defense interview with the Iraqi ambassador in Italy


When we write the term "Iraq" on any search engine or online newspaper, the articles and comments that appear are nothing short of dramatic and disheartening. With the start of the publication of Defense Online, I promised myself to investigate why, after more than two decades after the fall of Saddam, that country appeared as a failed state, a "failed state".

The rapid response of the Iraqi embassy in Rome allows me today to publish the first of the many interviews that the newspaper will do in fields where, as a rule, we limit ourselves to copying the agencies or re-elaborating theses of those in a certain country. it's never been.

Since Ambassador Saywan Sabir Mustafa Barzani in Iraq was born and lived there, there have been many surprises for me.

The first? The simple fact that the daily "Nassiriya" that Iraq faces on its own skin would not be a symbol of failure but the effect of a democracy accomplished in an area where this reality is unacceptable and dangerous for too many authoritarian boundary nations . As pointed out during the meeting, placing 25 car bombs is not an initiative that can result from discontent: only governments can spend millions of dollars on such violent acts.

In the long interview that he granted us, the ambassador traces the history of his country and of Kurdistan, his region of origin, up to the present day. Also explaining what I would define as a "karma" of neighboring countries in war, like Syria, or in peace (at least with the Kurds ...) like Turkey.

Certainly an ambassador will always be a source of part, but ambassadors have (usually ...) a great culture and intelligence when it comes to geopolitics. In my view, the Iraqi ambassador should certainly be counted among them.

Good vision!

Andrea Cucco