Meeting in Damascus with the minister of Assad

(To Andrea Cucco, Giampiero Venturi)

As we entered Damascus, we participated in a meeting with Ayman Susan, Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs of the Assad government.

An important light to understand something about the situation in Syria and the Geneva talks.

After an introduction to the secular state of the Syrian state, Ayman Susan clearly states that Syria is the object of a deliberate attack aimed at redesigning the map of the Middle East. Behind this attack there are the USA to which the European Union has associated itself.

The undersecretary also fiercely attacks Saudi Arabia and the whaabite vision of Islam, holding them responsible for international terrorism through a systematic enlistment that uses religion instrumentally.

Ayman Susan in Syria indicates the last bastion of global aggression that has already ousted many Middle Eastern leaders to support the diabolical design that is destroying the cradle of human civilization (Damascus and Aleppo are the oldest inhabited cities in the world).

The legitimate government of Damascus will be part of the dialogue group in Geneva to arrive at a solution as fast as possible and will be available to dialogue with anyone who cares about the future of the country. Being there is considered essential to not be indicated as enemies of peace.

The representative of the Assad government with a certain irony asserts that he does not yet know the representatives of the so-called Syrian opposition. Presumably they will arrive at the negotiating table only after indication of the donors due to Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Susan argues that with i "servants of the CIA, of the ruling family in Saudi Arabia and of Turkish leader Erdogan there will be no compromises".

Susan's attack is particularly hard on the US regarding the alleged ISIS war. It confirms that Turkey buys Syrian oil from the Caliphate with the air cover of the United States of America.

The Assad government officially reiterates the refusal of dialogue with terrorists and murderers, but the availability for a reconstruction that takes into account all the parties.

Ayman Susan expresses regret for the choices made by European countries to support US policies, above all by virtue of the traditional values ​​that Europe is the spokesperson and the historical and geographical ties that should unite Europe and Syria. In particular the French president Hollande, a self-styled socialist, but in reality subjected to American multinationals.

The final hits are still for Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, but especially for the USA, accused of being interested only in maintaining global hegemony and using every possible tool to achieve this goal.

The closure is on immigration, an instrument of blackmail used by Turkey towards Europe and a subtle weapon for the removal from Syria of its qualified productive forces.