The culture of cyber security in secondary schools

(To Cyber ​​Security Italy Foundation)

The pilot project for the promotion of the culture of cyber security in secondary schools starts in Rome, promoted by the Cyber ​​Security Italy Foundation, the first foundation no profit in Italy on the cyber world.

With the return of students to the classroom for the new school year, in a school that is increasingly innovative and digitalised in teaching, there is a strong need to equip primary and secondary education institutions with tools for solid training in the field of cyber security involving students and teachers. The final goal to aspire to is to include cybersecurity in the training offer. The digital world, increasingly pervasive in daily life, makes it essential that young people acquire knowledge and skills that can protect them in an ever-changing online environment. And the Foundation created and chaired by Marco Gabriele Proietti is at the forefront to help win this challenge. 

“Talking about cybersecurity in schools means looking to the future and acting on the present”, explains President Proietti. “In an increasingly connected world, cybersecurity education emerges as a top priority. Our initiatives are therefore born to raise public awareness of the urgency of teaching these skills starting from compulsory school. We are not dealing with a niche topic or one intended exclusively for IT experts, but we believe it is a fundamental skill for all citizens. Students, starting from primary school, must be prepared to face the challenges and threats that arise from the use of digital devices, social networks and access to the Internet".

The first meetings of the project will involve three schools in the capital: the Visconti Paritario Institute (23 October), the Giorgi – Woolf Higher Education Institute (13 November) and the ITIS "G. Armellini" (4 December). The courses will take place over a year and will aim to raise students' awareness of the importance of cyber security, providing basic knowledge and practical skills in the field of cyber security.

The lessons, which will be held by the Foundation's experts, also include moments of meeting with operators from the National Cybersecurity Agency and the Postal Police who will have the opportunity to illustrate their work also through the sharing of operational experiences in the field.

“A decisive and fundamental presence, declares Marco Proietti which will allow us to provide students and teachers with integrated, complete and 360° training, with a highly practical approach, and which certifies the validity of our initiatives. A project in step with the times. A lawful and healthy use of IT taught starting from school means developing skills and awareness to become critical consumers, aware users and responsible and prepared digital users".