Security Summit 2024 is coming!

(To Alessandro Rugolo)

The main event of the cybersecurity panorama in Italy will be held in Milan between 19 and 21 March: the Security Summit. Organized over three days of conferences, updates and training events, it will open with the presentation of the new edition of Clusit Report, edited by the experts of the Italian Association for Information Security. On this occasion, we will try to shed light on what happened in the last year, trying to outline the picture of new threats and possible defense strategies.

The conference will be held at Unahotels Expo Fiera Milano and further insights will give many experts from the cyber world the opportunity to meet and network, which is fundamental in a digital world in which complexity is constantly growing.

The presentation of the is scheduled for March 19th at 9 am Clusit 2024 report, with an introduction by the president of Clusit, Gabriele Faggioli. Some of the authors will illustrate the study with references to the global and Italian situation of cybercrimes in 2023, highlighting the trend and type of attacks, the most affected sectors, the most frequent techniques. 

As is logical to expect, in this edition a great deal of space will be reserved for Artificial Intelligence technologies, which are having such an influence on redesigning our society.

To see the Security Summit program in real time you can refer to the website.

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