Ing. Rustaggia (Revobyte): "we will be present in Rome with the 'Design your digital transformation' event on November 30th"

(To Alessandro Rugolo)

We continue our crusade aimed at spreading knowledge of the cyber world and new technologies in our country, Italy. This time we have the opportunity to interview Sebastiano Rustaggia from Revobyte. Together with him we will try to understand how the technology market is moving in Italy and what the company's next initiatives are in a rapidly expanding sector.

Engineer Rustaggia, thank you for accepting the proposal and being here with us today. Can you tell us briefly about yourself, your role at Revobyte and the company you represent?

Thank you for the kind invitation. It is an honor for me to talk with you and with such a prestigious magazine. I hold the role of Head of Partnership & Alliance in Revobyte, an Italian system integrator that has been operating on the market for around 15 years, albeit under different company names.

Specifically, I am in charge of developing and managing partnerships: both with the main technology vendors, whose solutions Revobyte integrates with its professional services to offer our customers turnkey projects, and with other system integrators with whom there is a complementary relationship. of their respective offers, with a view to creating a system and being better able to compete on the market.

A few days ago I read that Revobyte, together with other companies, will be present in Rome with an event entitled: "Design your digital transformation". What is it about? Can you tell us about the initiative?

Revobyte, in its role as System Integrator, often promotes opportunities for in-depth analysis and networking between companies and public bodies on the one hand and technology vendors on the other. These are events that aim to disseminate useful updates on the main technological innovations and on the new frontiers of digital transformation in pleasant contexts that at the same time facilitate the start or consolidation of professional and human relationships between the main decision makers.

In the specific case, with the collaboration and sponsorship of Icos, one of the main distributors of infrastructure and cybersecurity solutions, we will ideally put around the table three vendors of complementary solutions and potentially capable, combined together, of responding to a wide range of needs related to the digital transition of customers. With Quantum, Libraesva and Sangfor we will present solutions related to data protection and storage, email security and management and the supply of innovative technologies for Cloud Computing and Network Security.

Representatives of companies and institutions who wish to participate will have the opportunity to delve deeper into the topics of particular interest to them through specific one-to-one meetings with the vendors present, enjoying a good aperitif in a location in the heart of Rome.

Revobyte is an Italian company, founded recently. What are your interests?, Particularly regarding new technologies?

In reality, as I said before, Revobyte is relatively new only in terms of its company name and from the point of view of its internal organisation, which has undergone a profound overhaul. From this perspective we were born in 2020, in the midst of the Covid emergency, which for us did not lead to a reduction in the activities and involvement of our people. Revobyte, however, operates in continuity with a reality born from an Integrated Logistics project almost fifteen years ago with the name of Speditamente and which then, in 2015, incorporated the ICT company Vilcor.

We decided to create the Revobyte group, which already from its name more directly recalls the ICT sector, which is our real focus, while maintaining ownership of Speditamente itself, now a company of the group specializing in Integrated Logistics and of another reality, Adm Form, an organization accredited by the Lazio Region that provides training and consultancy services on the training needs of companies and the consequent planning of ad hoc initiatives.

We address a varied clientele, made up of companies of all sizes and from all sectors and PA bodies, both local and central. We approach our customers with a logic that aims to be markedly consultative, in order to design customized solutions for needs that are increasingly specific.

Revobyte's mission is to accompany our customers along the path of digital transformation, proposing turnkey projects through the integration of the solutions proposed by the main technology vendors with our high professional skills, aimed at designing and maintaining networks in operation , data centers and security infrastructures.

Some of our main technological partners are Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, Dell, Veeam, Sophos but, as demonstrated by the partners present at the November 30th event, we are always looking for new solutions to offer to our customers, as long as these are truly capable of bringing innovation and tangible improvements in processes.

The digital world is increasingly complex. Artificial Intelligence promises miracles but those who manage the transformation of companies are people, like you and me. Why should a young person who wants to work with new technologies come and work with you?

Our Pay-off cites precisely this aspect which is of fundamental importance for us, "The next human technology", which encompasses the vision we have of the work we do and how we do it, technology experts, but first of all people in contact with technology.

We believe in the power of innovation, but behind every cutting-edge technology there is always a great team of people who improve it and give it human value.

You ask me why a young person should come to work with us, the answer is simple: because we are a young company, despite being solidly rooted in the market, dynamic, with a great desire (and ability) for growth, as demonstrated the numbers of our last years and which, not a secondary element, attributes great importance to the corporate climate and to the satisfaction of its people and their fulfillment, also from a human point of view. Furthermore, we invest a lot in the continuous training and certifications of our technical staff and we pay special attention to young talents, who we are willing to train internally, also with specific initiatives to which we really attach great importance, such as the Academies already carried out in the past and also planned for the immediate future.

The cyber security sector is growing a lot in Italy and around the world. What is Revobyte doing about this?

Revobyte has also decided to invest in this sector, to increase its skills and to adopt new solutions capable of increasing the protection of its customers and their main assets, data. Even more so in an era such as the current one, always characterized by new challenges and new threats that put even the most secure infrastructures at risk. Furthermore, the next Academy to which I referred earlier and which we are working on with enthusiasm, will be aimed precisely at training young recent graduates on cyber security issues. The peculiarity of this initiative is that the Academy is aimed at directly hiring Revobyte and the partners who have contributed to its creation, of those who have completed the training course, which will take place entirely in the company.

To conclude, I ask you to address our readers directly. Convince them to come and visit you at the event on November 30th...

Certainly. I am very direct so I will simply tell you that it is a unique opportunity to directly meet three vendors of primary importance, who offer innovative and complementary solutions, without at the same time neglecting the objective of making you spend a pleasant evening. Come and visit us!