Defending against quantum computers: the US approach to the problem

(To Alessandro Rugolo)

The future has not yet arrived, but we must prepare ourselves to defend ourselves from new threats!

It might sound like a movie phrase, maybe it is, but it also represents the United States' approach to the risks associated with the (likely) imminent arrival of quantum computers, a new cyber threat.

It is not yet known if we will see them within 10 or 15 years, but the most informed among the scientists of the National Institute for Standard and Technology (NIST) state that "One of the impacts of quantum computers is that they would break some of the crypto systems that we use", words by Dustin Moody, mathematician and project manager of the" Post-Quantum Crypto project "(source Signal Magazine - 2017).

Il Post Quantum Crypto project was born with the aim of establishing standards to be used with a technology that does not yet exist, an approach unthinkable in Italy ...

NIST informs that among the algorithms used today, there are three at risk of obsolescence and that new ones will soon be selected. The operation of these will be made public to allow everyone to study the behavior thoroughly and find any errors.

Security through knowledge!

(image: AFCEA International)

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