The CHIRONEX 23-1, the first cyber exercise of the Navy, has ended

(To Staff)

This morning aboard the aircraft carrier Cavour within Open Sea 23-1 CHIRONEX 23-1, the first cyber exercise for the Navy, has ended.

The Undersecretary of State for Defense Matteo Perego of Cremnago attended the event on board the flag unit of the Navy.

“This exercise” said the undersecretary in his speech "it will make it possible to create that resilience through an evolutionary path that I perceive as strongly desired by all the participating actors".

"The Navy" Perego then concluded by analyzing the final data from CHIRONEX “is looking with strategic foresight for the acquisition and maintenance of that technological sovereignty that this country needs. This can only make me proud of what I see and do, because it is all geared towards the interests of the Italians, of a country proud of its Armed Forces."