“Una Acies 2021”, mountain training in Trentino Alto Adige

(To Army Majority State)

In recent days, the training areas and shooting ranges of Trentino Alto Adige have been the scenarios in which the students of the Military Academy of Modena have prepared themselves for a series of mountain training activities, included in the “Una Acies 2021” exercise.

For the cadets of the 1st year of the 202nd course of the Military Academy, who attend the degree courses in Strategic Sciences, Law, Health and Veterinary, Engineering, Transport and Materials, various training modules have been organized, including: combat in woods, orientation and movement in the mountains, training on explosives, mines and Counter IEDs, combat training in compartmented and vertical environments, shooting lessons with individual and departmental weapons.

The activities were carried out thanks to the logistical support and instructors of the Army's Alpine troops. In particular, the Alpine troops of the 5th regiment of Vipiteno, the autieri of the logistic regiment and the personnel of the command and tactical support department "Julia" of Udine were involved, who built the camp and related service area and set up the network of radio links between the situation room and the groups engaged in external activities.

Also coming from the "Julia" brigade were the expert instructors of the 2nd Alpine sappers regiment of Trento, who organized and held, in the second part of the exercise program, the theoretical and practical lessons of mine awareness and C-IED, in the training area of ​​Salorno (BZ). Also present were the instructors of the 4th Alpine Parachute Regiment "Ranger" who organized training on fighting in the woods.

During the exercise period, the students of the Military Academy of Modena carried out other different training activities, among which the most demanding and significant were the operational swimming at Lake Caldaro, the irradiation march with training stations from Avelengo to locality Omini di pietra, the overcoming of a via ferrata in the locality of Stulles, the ascent of the department on the glacier in the locality of Cima Solda and the raising of the flag at high altitude at the end of the via ferrata climb on Picco Ivigna.

The training in the mountain environment concludes the practical training phase for the officer students of the 1st year of the course at the shooting ranges and bodies of the Armed Force, essential for the preparation of future commanders, who in this way achieve the ability to use the tools individual combat in the modern battlefield and to command an infantry squad in an offensive and defensive context.