The head of EMS visits the Army special forces command

(To Army Majority State)

The army corps general, Carmine Masiello, met in Pisa, at the "Lieutenant MOVM Dario Vitali" military complex, the staff and the commander of the Army special forces command (COMFOSE), Brigadier General Andrea Vicari. The activity then continued at the 185th RRAO, in the "Pisacane" barracks, in Livorno.​

The Army chief of staff received an in-depth update on the current training paths and training and simulation systems of the sector as well as on the operational commitments of the departments, the organic supply needs, the priorities in infrastructural interventions and the technology acquisition needs cutting edge.​

The survey of the functional infrastructures of COMFOSE concerned, in particular, the special operations training center (CEADDOS) and the special operations support department (RSOS), units responsible respectively for the training of special operations base operators (OBOS) and the logistical support of special forces in training and operations.​

“The training level of special forces - underlined the general. ca Masiello - it is unique in terms of selection, training and resources. Likewise, it is the desire to improve, the innovative spirit and the awareness of the importance of one's role in the wide range of capabilities that the Army can express. The special forces embody the essential function of real and credible deterrence of the military instrument, i.e. the defense and protection of the Italian Republic and the security of the community, as fundamental assets of the country. The basis of the Special Forces' ability to accomplish the mission rests on the pillars of flexibility, realism and initiative - continued the general. ca Masiello -. You are the maximum expression of the 'technology-training' combination, which is a critical factor for achieving operational results, in complex and competitive scenarios such as the current ones. But the true essence of the units of the sector can only be expressed if these aspects are shaped by a selected human capital, which makes values ​​the guiding light of every choice and intelligent creativity the driving force of every solution and alternative. Those of the special forces – concluded the general. ca Masiello – they are high standards and difficult to achieve, but all the operational elements of the Army must strive for their training heritage, in order to carry out the task, always and everywhere, safeguarding the life of every soldier, of those at his side and of his unit. The Army will move along this path during my mandate."