The Army Chief of Staff meets the Professional Trade Union Associations of Military Personnel (APCSM)

(To Army Majority State)

At the Army Palace, the Army Chief of Staff, Army Corps General Carmine Masiello, held a presentation meeting, the first of his mandate, with the representatives of the Professional Associations of a Trade Union nature between soldiers of the armed forces and the Army component of the joint forces associations that have obtained the required registration in the ministerial register.

During the event, all the associations had the opportunity to present to the top authority of the Army the objectives pursued, as well as the significant activities carried out and those planned in favor of the collective interest of military personnel. Furthermore, the only associations recognized as representative at a national level have shared the principles and lines of action regarding the economic and regulatory proposals to be promoted within the "bargaining table" for the protection of armed force personnel.

During his speech, General Masiello once again highlighted the central role of the human component of the Army and how the mutual, loyal and synergistic collaboration between the general staff and the APMCS can lead to the improvement of the conditions and well-being of the personal, in the interests of the Institution and in full compliance with the rules and prerogatives that the law provides.
The meeting took place in an atmosphere of serene and fruitful discussion.​