Orientation in Calabria


Also for 2014 the Infoteam of the “Calabria” Army Military Command started the cycle of post-diploma information conferences at the Calabrian Higher Education Institutes. The first meeting was held on 21 January at the Technical Commercial Institute of Girifalco (CZ). The numerous young people present were shown the competition procedures to undertake a professional path in the Armed Force.

In particular, competitions have been promoted for the Modena Academy, for Allievo and for VFP1. The initiative was received with great interest by the future graduates who actively participated in the conference, asking numerous questions, specifically, on the evaluation of the merit titles and on the attribution of the new scores for the preparation of the rankings. Infoteam will visit more than 60 Institutes in the 5 provinces of Calabria.

Source: Military Command "Calabria" Army