Bomb in Veneto: the Army intervenes

(To Army Majority State)

Army engineers from the 3 ° regimental engineer regiment of Udine intervened in the municipality of Vedelago (Treviso) along the railway line that connects Castelfranco Veneto to Montebelluna to defuse a war device dating back to World War II.

The bomb, an Mod. GP AN M64 airplane bomb from 500 LB (equal to approximately 243 kg) of American manufacture, was found in good condition still active and functioning, therefore potentially dangerous, during the works of modernization of the railway line.

At 9 on the 11 day of August 2019, as planned, the Army bomb squads, after the evacuation operations carried out by the Treviso prefecture, began the delicate operation of removing the fuses through a procedure that allows the blaster to operate from remote.

To ensure greater security for the population and reduce the danger radius at the site of the discovery, the Army soldiers built a fortification around the bomb capable of containing the effects of a possible accidental explosion.

At the end of the disarming, the bomb was transferred to the "Postumia" quarry in the municipality of Trevignano and here it was made to shine. The operations ended at about 13 and the evacuated citizens could return to their homes.

For the bomb technicians of the 3 ° regiment genius guastatori it was the umpteenth delicate intervention of reclamation on the territory; under the control of the Northern Padua Operational Forces Command during the 2018, 292 performed interventions with a total of 524 destroyed bombs.