Change in command of the "Acqui" division


This morning in the "Oreste Salomone" barracks in Capua, in the presence of the commander of the land operational forces and Army operational command, general of the army corps Giovanni Fungo, the ceremony of alternation to the command of the "Acqui" division between the general of division Nicola Terzano and Major General Francesco Bruno.

General Terzano relinquished command after 2 years in which he led the division both in the task of training and preparing the approximately 22.000 men and women of the "Granatieri di Sardegna", "Aosta", "Pinerolo", "Sassari", "Garibaldi" brigades "Located in central and southern Italy and the islands, activities ended on December 31, 2021, and in the new role of divisional command oriented to planning and conduct of operations, assigned to command starting from January 1 of this year.

During the ceremony, General Terzano thanked the military, civil and religious authorities present, highlighting the strong bond that, after the experience of command, first to the "Garibaldi" brigade and then to the "Acqui" division, bind him to the province of Caserta and then turn to the personnel of the “Acqui” division and the “Acqui” command and tactical support department, retracing a period full of professional challenges and important goals achieved, made even more significant by having operated in a particular historical moment. Continuity of command and control action on dependent units was ensured, even in emergencies, managing to ensure the maintenance and improvement of important operational capabilities, as well as the preparation of units destined for operations both on the national territory and beyond. outside the borders.

General Terzano then highlighted the participation of the division command in three important international exercises: the "Integrated Resolve 20", in which Acqui played the role of European Union Force Headquarters, the "Defender Europe 21", in which Acqui conducted, in a scenario of simulated war to protect the Euro-Atlantic borders, combat operations typical of a tactical division placed directly under the 5th Army Corps of the 'US Army and, finally, the "Steadfast Leda 21", in which the men and women of the Acqui worked under theAllied Rapid Reaction Corps British, in an operational scenario of the "Article V" type, in order to consolidate the Alliance's readiness to counter the broadest spectrum of threats, including hybrid ones. This type of exercises, concluded General Terzano, allowed the division to deal with the equal units of the allied nations and to professionally grow the staff, as well as demonstrating the propensity of the command to operate in a multinational environment. At the end of his speech, General Terzano wished the best of luck to Major General Francesco Bruno, an officer from operational command of interforce forces where he held the position of head of operational support department.

Army Corps General Fungo, in his speech, highlighted the moral and historical heritage of the unit as a symbol of traditions and a sense of duty. He also expressed a deep appreciation for the results achieved as a result of the enthusiasm and commitment with which the women and men of the division have carried out all the activities. Finally, addressing the two commanders, he thanked General Terzano for the work done and wished General Bruno the best of luck for the new post.

Major General Nicola Terzano will assume the post of Chief of Staff of the rapid reaction corps Italian NATO of Solbiate Olona.

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