"Dynamic Front 19" tutorial completed

(To Army Majority State)

About 3.200 soldiers from 27 nations were employed in the "Dynamic Front 19" Tutorial which took place in the training area of ​​the 7th Army Training Command of the United States Army in Grafenwöhr in Germany.

Italy participated by deploying a howitzers battery (6 pieces) PzH 2000 I, three Lynx (adopted as observation and command post) and two shelters belonging to the "Pasubio" land artillery regiment (used as exercise direction), with the support of the 8 armored artillery regiment "Ariete" and of the Artillery Command. In all, 360 grenades have been used, including 60 illuminants.

Objective of the exercise: to increase the level of operational readiness and interoperability between artillery units of different calibres and of different nationalities and to integrate the support of joint fire in a multinational environment both at an operational and tactical level. In particular, the exercise saw employees 62 howitzers, 24 launching platforms and 9 radars from the various participating countries.

The media have jointly provided fire to test the interoperability of the integrated Command and Control system Artillery Systems Cooperation Activities (ASCA) in a "live" environment, in order to identify any operational limits and seek for shared technical and procedural solutions.

The particularity of the Grafenwöhr area is that of offering a vast training area in which realistic operating scenarios are reproduced, with difficult terrain and particular climatic conditions, which test the resilience of people and vehicles. The complex and meticulous planning phase of the intervention operation in the crisis area, allowed to achieve the training objectives. An important goal achieved thanks to the intense period of amalgamation during which the participants had the opportunity to share their respective experiences and to increase the integration between the personnel of the various nations up to the lowest order levels.

The search for the highest levels of interoperability makes it possible to identify suitable solutions to contemporary challenges, contributes to raising the level of readiness of forces and creating a flexible and suitable military instrument to operate in any context.

The 19 Dynamic Front was attended by units and / or observers from: Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Countries Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, the United States, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.