Visit to Viterbo by the commander of the French Air Force Light Aviation


Yesterday the Bazzichelli barracks, headquarters of the Army Air Force Command, hosted the commander of the French Army Light Aviation, General Bernard Vallette D'Osia, who came to Viterbo to discuss and understand the various aspects concerning the structure and the organization of the Italian Army Aviation.

To greet the commander and the French delegation, Brigadier General Paolo Riccò, commander of the Army Aviation who, after exchanging initial greetings, accompanied the guests to attend a briefing on the organization of the Specialties, on its peculiar capabilities operational / training and on the tasks of the dependent units operating on the national territory and abroad.

The visit continued to the Army Aviation Training Center, initially, in the area dedicated to the training of Forward Medical Evacuation operators (MEDEVAC), a focal point for the training of medical personnel, specialized in operating in out-of-area missions; then, at the A-129 flight simulator and the rooms dedicated to the SERE survival course (Survival, Evasion, Resistance Escape).

The delegation then moved to the Fabbri airport where a static exhibition was set up with the aircraft supplied to the Army Aviation departments located in the Viterbo office.

With the signing of the register of honor and the exchange of the respective coat of arms between the commanders, the visit ended thus confirming the feeling of esteem, respect and collaboration that has always linked our two countries.