Final stage of the competition for the aspiring officer students of the Military Academy

(To Army Majority State)

The aspiring officer cadets of the Army and the Carabinieri have arrived in Modena to complete the selection process required for admission to the 205th "Fierezza" course of the Military Academy.​​​

The public competition, which for the 205th course counted a total of over 10.000 applications, was divided into a series of evaluation checks such as: pre-selection written test, physical efficiency tests, psychophysical and aptitude assessments, written tests of knowledge of the Italian language and English and oral exam in mathematics.

The last phase of the competition procedure takes place in Modena, i.e. a 30-day internship, at the end of which, following the formation of the merit rankings, only the first 146 candidates for the Army and 65 for the Arma dei Carabinieri.