The last veteran of the "Folgore reconnaissance squadron" celebrates 99 years

(To Army Majority State)

Born in 1925, Paolo Dal Re is the last of the paratroopers who, in the aftermath of 8 September 43, formed the "Folgore reconnaissance squadron" (known as "F squadron") and, under the command of the legendary captain Carlo Francesco Gay, they conducted information gathering and sabotage actions "beyond enemy lines", alongside the Allies, in the War of Liberation.

The King received a visit from the commander of the 185th Parachute Reconnaissance and Target Acquisition Regiment "Folgore", Colonel Marco Margutti, accompanied by a small delegation from the RRAO. Dal Re is one of the protagonists of the “Herring” operation, the last act of the epic of what was one of the most decorated units of the Italian Army at the end of the Second World War.

On the night of 20 April 1945, Dal Re boarded a US "Dakota" aircraft, at the airfield in the "I due Casoni" area of ​​Vada (south of Livorno), together with the others of the "F squadron" and the “Centuria Nembo”, divided into patrols; he was in the “Lima” patrol. They were airdropped at approximately 23pm, at just 10 meters above sea level to avoid the crossfire of enemy anti-aircraft, on launch area 100, near the town of San Venanzio (Modena), beyond the Gothic Line, with the task of carrying out sabotage to disorient the opposing defenses and allow the Allied advance. Operation “Herring” ended on April 19 when the first Allied tanks finally arrived.

The delegation of the 185th RRAO celebrated with Dal Re and his family by blowing out the 99 candles on the cake decorated with the symbol of “F” Squadron.