The Army defuses a bomb in Brisighella (RA)

(To Army Majority State)

The bomb squad of the Italian Army intervened in via Strada Casale n.49, in the municipality of Brisighella (RA), to neutralize a dangerous war remnant dating back to the Second World War.

The device, a US-made aircraft bomb weighing 500 pounds of high explosive, was found following a landslide caused by recent heavy rainfall and promptly placed in safe conditions by a team of specialists of the 8th parachute engineer regiment of the Army.

The delicate complex reclamation operations, coordinated by the prefecture of Ravenna and the Army's northern operational forces command, began on Sunday 03 December 2023 at 07:00 following the completion of the evacuation procedures which affected approximately 100 citizens residing in the inside the clearing area (808 meters from the place of discovery); during the activities, for safety reasons, the closure of road traffic on provincial road 302, the interdiction of the Ravenna-Rimini railway line and a ban on overflights over the entire area of ​​operations.

The bomb squad of the Italian Army first made the device safe, depriving it of the sensitive organs (fuzes), and then removed it and transported it to a specially identified area in the Province of Ravenna where it was detonated safely.