The Army demolishes an iron structure in support of the prefecture of Sondrio

(To Army Majority State)

An operational detachment of Army raiders, with a core of specialists from the engineering command, removed 13 rockfall protection nets in the municipality of San Giacomo Filippo (SO) by blasting precision explosive charges. The intervention was requested by the prefecture of Sondrio following technical evaluations which deemed it necessary to remove the nets with the use of explosives by the 9th parachute assault regiment "Col Moschin", with the contribution of a unit of specialists of IED counter center of excellence of the engineering brigade.

The activity, carried out under the coordination of the Sondrio prefecture, is part of the protection and safeguard works of the neighboring Gallivaggio Sanctuary and the SS 36. The Army personnel promptly responded at short notice by conducting the necessary reconnaissance and coordination activity with local authorities and interested bodies. With the use of a helicopter, the raiders were taken to the upper part of the nets, from where they lowered themselves using mountaineering procedures to place the charges on each cable, for a total of 92 charges. The explosive details and techniques used according to the tactical procedures of the Army Raiders allowed the intervention to be carried out with precision, in line with the mission and classic procedures of the Special Forces.

The Italian Army is no stranger to these types of interventions: in 2019 it intervened with its specialized assets of the 9th parachute assault regiment "Col Moschin" to demolish the sections of the Polcevera viaduct (also known as the Morandi bridge) in Genoa , and works daily with the Engineers units in the area's reclamation activities from war remnants, serving the community.​