The Arma del Genio celebrates its anniversary

(To Army Majority State)

It took place this morning at the headquarters of the Genio command in Rome, in the presence of the Chief of Staff of the Army, General of the Army Corps Pietro Serino, and of military and civil authorities, the ceremony celebrating the anniversary of the Engineer Corps. The anniversary is historically linked to the victory of the second battle of the Piave on 24 June 1918, also known as the "Battle of the Solstice", in which the last great Austrian offensive of the First World War died down in the face of the valiant resistance of the Italian soldiers.​​

On this occasion, the Army's Gold Medal for Valor was awarded to the War Flag of the Engineer Corps, awarded on 31 March 2023 by decree of the President of the Republic on the proposal of the Minister of Defence. The high honor was granted for the efforts made and the results achieved during the twenty-year commitment in Afghanistan.​​

In his speech, the Chief of Staff of the Army thanked the Arma del Genio "Because if the Army is in the hearts of the Italians, it owes it to you who are tenacious, tireless and modest, continue to take on the hardest work, the one that it breaks your back and breaks your hands, which mud and sweat stains your uniforms and saves lives”.​​

The Engineer Corps represents a resource for the Army thanks to its extraordinary peculiarities. It is in fact able to throw bridges over rivers, restore railway connections, open roads, build camps in any context in which the Armed Forces are called to intervene.​​

The consolidated technical and operational skills, supported by the spirit of sacrifice and altruism, typical of Engineers, have characterized the history of the Arma del Genio which has always been able to operate, at any time, throughout the national territory and in the international contexts in support of the population, especially in the event of natural disasters, such as those that have recently affected some areas of our country.​​