Nunziatella makes room for itself

(To Ferdinando Scala)

On April 5th, in the prestigious setting of the Nunziatella Military School of Naples, an exceptional event dedicated to career opportunities in the military and civil space sector was held. The meeting was organized by former student Ugo Celestino, policy officer for space research, innovation and start-ups, European Commission. The meeting is part of the activities promoted by the former students of Nunziatella in favor of the cadets, aimed at orienting their professional choices in the military and civil fields.

A qualified vision of great interest for young students on the current evolution of military activities in the space sector was first offered by General Luca Monaco, commander of the space operations command of Defence. His speech, the subject of many questions from the audience, provided an important insight into the strategic role of space activities for national and international security.

According to the usual approach for these occasions, the speakers also included some former students who hold important positions in the global space scene, each with a unique set of experiences and skills.

Marco Ferrazzani, jurist expert in space law at theEuropean Space Agency (ESA), enlightened the audience on the complex legal dynamics that regulate space activities, offering a clear perspective on the opportunities for growth and development in this ever-expanding sector.

Alessandro Le Pera, space telecommunications engineer at Eutelsat, shared his experiences in the field of space technologies, highlighting the challenges and innovations in the field of satellite communications, which are fundamental to the functioning of modern globalized societies.

Cosimo Calcagno, senior investment manager of Indaco Ventures, finally brought a unique perspective on the financial side of space operations, highlighting the investment opportunities in the sector and the crucial role of private capital in the development of new space frontiers.

To complete the panorama of opportunities offered by the sector, important representatives from the academic and entrepreneurial world finally intervened.

Carlo Saverio Iorio, representative of the Free University of Brussels and R&D expert within Horizon Europe, discussed the prospects for research and development in the space sector, highlighting the crucial role of scientific innovation in shaping the future of exploration spatial.

Sabrina Ricci, Ecosystem Manager at the European Space Agency's ESRIN ϕLab, contributed an overview of collaboration and networking initiatives in the space sector, highlighting the importance of international cooperation to address global challenges.

Norberto Salza, CEO of SpaceFactory, finally brought an entrepreneurial perspective to the conference, highlighting the business opportunities in the space industry and the global competition challenges that companies face.

The event, which saw the commander of the School, Colonel Giuseppe Stellato, as an attentive and interested host, represented a unique opportunity for the young students to meet some of the brightest and most influential minds in the field. The common recommendation that emerged from such a varied panel of speakers was that of determination to pursue one's dreams and above all the need to consider study not as an interlude in life, but as a categorical imperative that allows one to achieve the highest goals. A message fully consistent with the motto I prepare for life and weapons, of which the prestigious Pizzofalcone institute has been the highest expression for 237 years.