The internship for admission to the XXVI marshal student course has begun

(To Army Majority State)

This morning 222 aspiring student marshals crossed the gate of honor of the Officers' School of the Army to face the last competition test: the preparatory internship for admission to the XXVI "Fermezza" course.

During the next three weeks, a special examining commission will decree the overall profit of each candidate, assessing him in four areas: physical ability and resistance, behavioral detection, performance in practical instructions and suitability to face school activities. At the end of the internship, the students judged suitable and classified in the first 137 places of the merit ranking, will access the attendance of the two-year training period.

The candidates arrived in Viterbo after a selective phase aimed at verifying their cultural and intellectual qualities, knowledge of the English language, physical efficiency as well as psychophysical and aptitude suitability.