Meeting between the FIR athletes and the visitors of the Military Academy

(To Army Majority State)

The commander of the Military Academy, division general Davide Scalabrin, opened the doors of the Institute to a representative of the Italian Rugby Federation led by the FIR general secretary, Dr. Roberto Musiani and athletes of the Italian men's and women's rugby national team.

After a short visit to the architectural, artistic and historical heritage of Palazzo Ducale, home to the oldest military training institute in the world and guardian of the values ​​and traditions of the officers of the Italian Army and the Carabinieri, the representatives of the FIR, accompanied by Brigadier General Francesco Greco, deputy head of the V general affairs department of the SME, was able to meet the officers and attending students and tell them about the extraordinary experience he has had over the last year.

The activity represented a further moment in the consolidated partnership between the Army and the FIR which is based on an extraordinary and common heritage of values. This relationship was recently emphasized in Parma, during a friendly Rugby Touch quadrangular event organized by the “Zebre Parma” company, (franchise of the FIR), a leading sporting reality at national and international level, with the participation of students and officials of the Academy.

In summary, the Modena event made it possible to highlight how sharing the same values, especially in the field of training, represents a fundamental tool for both athletes and future commanders, useful for consolidating strong relationships within of a team and functional to the achievement of ambitious objectives.