Meeting with the general officers of the Army

(To Army Majority State)

A meeting between the general officers of the Army took place in Rome, at the headquarters of the transmission command, organized in the main hall of the "Perotti" barracks; to stimulate reflection and discussion between commanders on some important issues for the Armed Forces, including the need for development in the capacity and doctrinal fields, in light of the ongoing hybrid conflict in the wider Mediterranean area and the new operational domains cyber and space.

Starting from the assumption that "Wars are fought and won by applying ancient principles but using innovative methods, procedures and tools", the morning's discussion focused on the five axes of integrated capacity development, developed within the "Army 4.0" document .

The topic of leadership and the role it plays in contexts increasingly dominated by technology, but which do not take away the burden of close combat from the Soldier on the ground, was much debated in the afternoon session.

The results of the meeting, once elaborated, will be of great importance in guiding the Army's capacity development, personnel training and leadership the future.