General Massimiliano Mongillo new commander of the "Folgore" parachute brigade

(To Army Majority State)

It took place at the parachuting training center in Pisa, in the presence of the commander of the Northern Operational Forces, general of the army corps Maurizio Riccò, of the dean of the parachutists, general of the army corps Carmine Masiello and of the main civil and military authorities and religious citizens, the change in command of the "Folgore" parachute brigade between Gen.B. Roberto Vergori, transferor, and gen.b. Massimiliano Mongillo, incoming.

The gen.b. Vergori left command of the "Folgore" at the end of a two-year period of operational and training activities, conducted by the Amaranth Basques both in Italy and abroad. In particular, the thunderbolt she recently returned from a semester at the helm of the Sector West within the UNIFIL mission.

General Riccò, in his greeting speech, congratulated the transferring commander for the excellent work carried out, stating that “The Folgore has always responded promptly and effectively, demonstrating that esprit de corps that makes the parachute brigade an example; I am sure that the paratroopers will be able to confirm the levels of excellence achieved in the future too".

The "Folgore" parachute brigade is a large unit of the Italian Army which, also operating from the third dimension, is able, at short notice, to plan, prepare and conduct a military operation, deploying its units by airlift or airdrop even at great distances.