General Carmine Masiello is the new chief of staff of the Army

(To Andrea Cucco)

General Carmine Masiello was appointed chief of staff of the Italian Army, on the proposal of the Minister of Defense, Guido Crosetto. This appointment marks the handover from General Pietro Serino, whose change will take place on 27 February.

Masiello brings with him extensive experience gained in various strategic and operational roles within the Armed Forces and Italian government institutions.

Before receiving this prestigious appointment, General Masiello held the position of Deputy Chief of the Defense Staff, a role that allowed him to acquire in-depth knowledge of joint operations and international collaboration.

His career also includes a stint as deputy of the Department of Security Information (DIS), highlighting its expertise in the fields of intelligence and national security.

His experiences as a military advisor during the governments of Matteo Renzi and Paolo Gentiloni were also significant, periods during which Masiello contributed to the definition of Italy's defense and security policies.

His operational experience, combined with solid strategic training, makes him particularly suited to lead the Army towards future challenges, maintaining a constant commitment to national security and international stability.

In this new role, General Masiello will have the task of continuing the urgent path of innovation and updating of the Italian Army, ensuring that it remains effective, responsive and capable of operating in a rapidly evolving, increasingly critical and technologically challenging global security context.

Photo: Ministry of Defense