CT De Giorgi at the NCO School

(To Army Majority State)

As part of the teaching module on Ethics and Leadership, the Army Non-Official School hosted a speech by the technical commissioner of the men's national volleyball team, Ferdinando De Giorgi, accompanied by the pedagogist Guglielmo Bergamaschi, in favor of the marshal students of the XXV "Duvere" course and XXVI "Fermezza" course.​

The technical and tactical project – highlighted coach De Giorgi – must intersect with the convinced and widespread adherence of each member of the team to reference principles and values, indispensable for channeling everyone's efforts towards achieving the objectives, such as reciprocity, the sense of belonging, the example, the concept of effort to earn the result, respect for the rules and for others.​

The parallels with the human and educational path of young students are significant – underlined the commander of the School, Brigadier General Roberto Vergori – starting from their life choice which is projected into the future, but which finds its ideal models and cornerstones in the traditions and values ​​of being a "Soldier", safeguarding the peculiar identity of the military institution. The example is among the main factors with which they will measure their own capabilities, once they enter operational realities.​

The platoon commander is a complex role, which requires highly motivated, morally mature, physically and technically prepared, authoritative and aware of the characteristics necessary to exercise effective and credible leadership.​