The artillery command in Field Artillery configuration in the "Dragone-Sethlans 2024" exercise.

(To Army Majority State)

The "Dragone-Sethlans 2024" exercise which saw the participation of the artillery units concluded at the Monteromano (VT) range, in the presence of the Chief of Staff of the Army General Carmine Masiello. deployed according to the operational concept of field artillery brigade (FAB).​​​​

The activity, during which the dependent units were able to train in command posts and artillery fire, represented an important opportunity to allow specialized personnel to practice coordination and operational procedures for fire, with particular reference to the use of the Thomson 120 mm mortar, PZH2000 self-propelled guns, FH-70 towed howitzers and remotely piloted aircraft (APR) used for battlefield surveillance training.

The main objective of "Dragone-Sethlans 2024" was to strengthen the technical skills of the artillery of the Italian Army, providing an important opportunity to verify and consolidate the skills acquired during shooting training, with particular reference to technological component, enhanced by drones and electronic systems for aiming and calculating shooting data. The exercise saw the participation of staff attending courses for ground fire observers who had the opportunity to put the knowledge acquired into practice, as well as the teams Tactical Air Control Party (TACP), i Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) and Joint Fire Support Element for planning and coordination of artillery fire.

The Army Chief of Staff, meeting the staff, underlined the approach that will have to distinguish the entire growth of the Armed Force, on three main axes: technology, values ​​and training, underlining the importance of the latter as “it is our reason for being and guarantees organizational adaptation to the evolution of the threat, the necessary preparation for the most critical operational situations and above all the safety of our personnel”. “The Army – continued the general. ca Masiello – finds its greatest strength precisely in training and shared values, foundations for creating an unifying identity and a winning mentality".

The complexity of the training scenario also allowed the Army student marshals, belonging to the XXIV course, to put into practice what they learned during the study period at the training regiment of the artillery command, operating with the active support of the howitzer batteries of the regiments of artillery who trained jointly in fire coordination.

Furthermore, assets of the 5th land artillery regiment "Superga", the 52nd artillery regiment "Torino", the 185th parachute artillery regiment "Folgore", the 185th parachute regiment reconnaissance targets acquisition "Folgore", the 3rd targeting support regiment "Bodone", of the 3rd land mountain artillery regiment, of the 21st land artillery regiment "Trieste" and of the 11th transmission regiment.