The head of Spanish SME in Italy

(To Army Majority State)

The Chief of Staff of the Army, General of the Army Corps Pietro Serino, received the Chief of Staff of the Spanish Ejército de Tierra, General Amador Fernando Enseñat y Berea on an official visit to Italy for two days.

During the meeting, General Enseñat y Berea attended, in the presence of a representation of the General Staff, a briefing focused on the military collaboration consolidated over the years, on the excellent results produced by the twinning between the Spanish "Aragon" I brigade and the Italian "Pinerolo" brigade and on the intention to strengthen the interoperability between the Land Forces, in particular, between the CBRN Defense (Chemical, Biological and Radio-Nuclear).

Therefore, General Serino and General Enseñat y Berea signed a memorandum of understanding in the "Mosaic of the Praetorian Guard" room at Palazzo Esercito, emphasizing the desire to consolidate the ties of friendship and increase the efficiency of their bilateral activities.

Subsequently, the senior Spanish officer visited the 7th CBRN regiment "Cremona", a department that will be twinned with the CBRN defense regiment "Valencia" of the Spanish Army, with the aim of pursuing the integration of resources and capabilities through mutual understanding and sharing.