The head of SME in Bulgaria

(To Army Majority State)

The Army Chief of Staff, Army Corps General Pietro Serino, went to the Novo Selo training area in Bulgaria, where the "Pinerolo" brigade is currently deployed for training and met the Maj Gen Dejan Deshkov, Commander of the Bulgarian Land Forces.

More than 1800 soldiers are deployed in the multinational exercise between the operational and logistic components. Seven participating countries are Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, North Macedonia, Montenegro and the USA.

The battlegroups that will participate in the Live Fire Exercise on the ground will consist of the Multinational Battle Group Bulgaria, based on the 7th Bersaglieri regiment, and the 38th battalion of the 2nd mechanized brigade of the Bulgarian armed forces. The two units will be supported by an aviation battalion with CH 47 helicopters of the 1st Army Aviation Regiment "Antares".

​General Serino visited the digitized command posts of Forza NEC (Network Enabled Capability) supplied to Pinerolo, through which it was possible to exercise command and control in real time on the fire maneuver of the units employed, and met also the staff of Multinational Battle Group Bulgaria to which he formulated a greeting address stating: "I am proud of you because here is the heart and ingenuity of the Italians, especially the Army. Thank you for what you are doing, thank you for how you do it! Bearers of stability and development who always work with commitment and dedication to best represent the face of our country."