The head of SME at the “Friuli” air brigade

(To Army Majority State)

The Army Chief of Staff, Army Corps General Carmine Masiello, meeting the men and women of the "Friuli" airmobile brigade in the Bologna and Forlì headquarters, highlighted how the brigade, having helicopters within it, is already naturally inclined to look to the future, sensitive and trained in the use of technology. An approach that will have to characterize the entire growth of the armed force, along three main axes, two of which (training and technology) require an innovative approach to be relevant.

The new challenges speak, out loud, a clear language that it is necessary to understand in order to equip ourselves adequately. We need operational flexibility and innovative solutions which, like territorial security, the protection of free institutions and the belief in the Tricolore, must be part of our flagships, of our traditions - highlighted the head of the Army.

Brigadier General Loreto Bolla, commander of the "Friuli" airmobile brigade, emphasized in the update the formation and training of the brigade's units, the ongoing operations and the innovative proposals of the Italian Army's airmobile brigade.

The visit continued at the 87th command and tactical support department "Friuli" and the 66th airmobile infantry regiment "Trieste".​