The 9th cyber security department “ROMBO” at the European Cyber ​​WEEK

(To Army Majority State)

The 9th "ROMBO" cyber security department of the transmission command participated, on behalf of the Army, in theEuropean Cyber ​​WEEK, an international reference event in the field of strategic studies and research on cyber defense and cyber security.

During the meeting, the cyber capabilities of the Armed Forces were shared with counterparts from other European Armed Forces (including France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Belgium).

This was followed by a fruitful exchange of ideas and projects in a continuously evolving and changing sector, also due to the sudden evolution of the threat.

THEEuropean Cyber ​​Week, brings together an ecosystem of European excellence in the sector and is enriched through the heterogeneity of the participants and the high level of innovation that is proposed.

A moment of meeting and networking between commercial companies, military and civil organizations and opinion leaders, during the four days of activity, innovative ideas were presented in the training of new professional figures, in the research and development of industrial solutions, as well as in the conduct of military operations to respond decisively to current and future challenges in the cyber environment.

The event, sponsored by the Ministry of Defense and the Cyber ​​Excellence Center across the Alps, allowed the Armed Forces, through the 9th "ROMBO", to receive information on innovative ideas proposed by the main European companies operating in the sector, with the prospect of acquiring increasingly high-performance technologies and solutions in step with the evolution of the cyber domain.