The 7 ° CBRN trains itself in live agents activities in Canada

(To Army Majority State)

The Precise Response 2019 (PR19), the main exercise planned by NATO at the SUFFIELD military base (Canada) for the conduct of CBRN live agent activities.

The exercise, which started on 8 in July and ended on 26, was organized by the Defense Research and Development of Canada (Agency of the Canadian National Department of Defense) and also this year saw the participation, as in 2018, of the 7 ° CBRN defense regiment "Cremona". In particular, the 7 regiment provided a platoon-level set-up deployed to a United States-led Task Force, together with the 3 ° flock and a team of the Air Force composed of highly specialized personnel in the field of CBRN and others eleven countries of the Atlantic Alliance, in order to expand the capacity to operate in the environment Joint e Combined in diversified and complex scenarios with the use of real CBRN agents.

On that occasion, the structures of the CBRN specialist unit of the Army were able to refine, in scenarios and environments inspired by the maximum realism, thanks to the use of live agents, their own technical-tactical procedures in contaminated areas of research, packaging and transport of chemical, biological and radiological samples, as well as testing the peculiar systems and materials used daily by the CBRN specialist in the various theaters of operation and on the national territory.

The sector capacities developed and validated during the exercise and the delicate operations of intervention require extreme professionalism and timeliness, in order to allow a prompt identification of the threat and related mitigation measures and can also be applied in the various support activities institutional components of the other Departments for Civil Protection and Defense, according to the peculiar logic of "Dual Use".