The 32nd Ariete tank regiment in training

(To Army Majority State)

As part of the preparation activities for the readiness force package NATO readiness initiative (NRI) 2024, the 32nd tank regiment conducted a live fire exercise with "Ariete" tanks, in a daytime environment.

The activity, aimed mainly at maintaining the typical capabilities of the wagon specialty, was integrated by an operational test aimed at testing the capabilities of the Junior Leaders in implementing the unit planning process and, for this reason, also saw the deployment of a advanced mobile command post battlegroup level on M-577.

The planning and conduct activities were carried out with the aim of training personnel in the extensive use of graphic orders, formatted communications and the adoption of correct radio procedures, using NATO standardized messaging.

The exercise, conducted with the coordination of the Army's Northern Operational Forces Command, represents the culminating training event in the unit's process of acquiring full operational capability.