Greetings from the head of SME at the end of his mandate

(To Army Majority State)

The Army Chief of Staff, Army Corps General Pietro Serino, at the end of his mandate, visited all the top commands/high commands under him, the departments of the Air Force where he served in the over the years and the training institutes attended in Modena and Turin.

During the meetings, the leadership of the armed force paid homage to the War Flags of the top commands/high commands and greeted all the commanders and staff, expressing their satisfaction with the commitment found everywhere in creating unity and a spirit of group, especially in dealing with complicated moments such as those that have characterized the last three years, as well as for collaboration and availability for constructive discussion, functional elements for working together and for achieving the objectives of the Armed Forces.

In his farewell greeting to the transmission command, to the 11th and 1st transmission regiments, General Serino expressed feelings of profound esteem and affection that bind him to all the transmitters, having gained the first multiple and significant experiences of his career at the transmission departments, serving in: the then 11th "Leonessa" transmission battalion in Civitavecchia from 1983 to 1990, then assuming command in 1993, the 1st transmission regiment, as colonel, until 2004, and the then Army broadcast brigade where he commanded from 2010 to 2011.

At the training institutes, where the head of SME attended the 160th course of the Military Academy of Modena and the corresponding application course at the Application School of Turin, after paying homage to the Institute Flags, he addressed words of encouragement and encouragement to attending officers and young officer students to direct all their mental and physical resources towards achieving increasingly important objectives in every sector of the delicate phase of the officer's basic training.