The young volunteers in the Italian Army begin their military life

(To Army Majority State)

The influx of women and men belonging to the 17nd block 85 to the volunteer training regiments (235th of Capua, 2th of Verona and 2023th of Ascoli Piceno) has been completed, and they will begin the course from the next few days. volunteer in initial stop.

For the 1725 very young people, coming from all over the Peninsula, the doors of a military structure opened for the first time.

To welcome them, the permanent cadre of the Training Institutes composed of instructor personnel who will have the onerous task of training soldiers who are wearing the uniform for the first time.​​​

The training of volunteers in the initial service is divided into a three-year period of service, which allows young citizens, aged between 18 and 24, to enlist and receive specialist training.​​​

Once the 12th month of service has been completed, the VFI will be able to take part in competitions for the police forces and, above all, upon reaching the 24th month, they will be able to participate in the competition for VFT (volunteer serving for three years) and then, once this three-year period has ended, automatically transition into the roles of the permanent service of the armed force.​​​

The new professional model will therefore allow young soldiers to acquire the specialist skills necessary for the operational units of assignment through training that will begin at the training regiments (RAV) and then continue directly to the weapons/specialty schools for the advanced training phase .​​​