The "Garibaldi" Bersaglieri practiced combat in an urban environment at the "Nubich" training area

(To Army Majority State)

The soldiers of the 8th Bersaglieri regiment of the brigade Garibaldi have concluded, in recent days, the exercise at the "Nubich" training area of ​​the Joint Defense Force School NBC of Rieti. The exercise, whose aim was to improve the military's ability to operate in residential areas, allowed the men and women of the 8th regiment to train for combat in urban environments, in the presence of CBRN contamination.

The activity, which took place from 20 to 24 November, was divided into five phases: the area reconnaissance followed by the movement towards the access areas to the village, the isolation of the inhabited center from the possible approach of enemy forces that intervened for support and defense, the clearance of possible threats present in the village, the consolidation of the troops in the area and the maintenance of control of the same.