The Army bomb squad on the Ortles ice

(To Army Majority State)

Before the end of the summer, the Army bomb squad was busy on the Ortles glacier, the highest peak in Alto Adige, to recover and secure 7 large-caliber artillery shells. The devices, dating back to the 1st World War, have resurfaced from the ice, as a result of the high summer temperatures reached even above 3000 meters above sea level.​​​​​

The heavy 149 millimeter projectiles weighing approximately 40 kilograms each were transported by the military to an area where it was possible to land a helicopter from the 4th Altair regiment of the Army Aviation and load them safely. the material to transport it downstream.

Yet another high-altitude intervention this summer for the engineers of the Army's Alpine troops, who already in the first ten days of August were engaged in the recovery of over 1000 large-caliber artillery shells, found on the Adamello glacier in almost 3000 meters above sea level.

For several years, the 2nd Alpine sappers engineer regiment has been actively involved in the Adamello and Brenta mountain groups in the delicate operations of research and reclamation of war remnants which are still found today.