Party for the Lagunari specialty

(To Army Majority State)

Army lagoon workers celebrated the 39th anniversary of the official recognition of their specialty.

The mayor of the Metropolitan City of Venice, Dr. Luigi Brugnaro, the Territorial Area Commander of COMFOP Nord, gen.d. Ugo Cillo, the commander of the "Pozzuolo del Friuli" cavalry brigade, gen.b. Massimiliano Stecca, civil and military authorities and a large representation of the Lagunari Truppe Amphibious Association (ALTA).

The commander of the regiment, Colonel Ivan Falasca recalled the recent contribution of the Lagunari in interventions of public utility and contributing to public order, from the "Safe Roads" operation to support for the flooded populations of Emilia-Romagna.

Trained to act in contexts where the presence of two elements (land and water) normally limits the use of maneuvering units, the Lagunari are equipped with "assault boats" and "amphibious vehicles" which make them suitable for operating easily in "inland waters" (rivers, lakes and lagoons), in "riverine" operations and in autonomous amphibious actions, and in the open sea in the context of amphibious operations.​