Army/Vannacci: rotation at the Military Geographical Institute

(To Army Majority State)

Yesterday, the general of division Roberto Vannacci was replaced in his post by the general of division Massimo Panizzi, his direct superior along the hierarchical chain. General Panizzi, in maintaining the functions of commander of the territorial area of ​​the command of the land operational forces, also assumed command of the Military Geographical Institute of Florence.

This provision, of an administrative nature, is the full and specific competence of the top management of the Armed Forces, pursuant to art. 95 of the Consolidated Military Regulation (DPR 90 of 2010) and was adopted to protect both the Army and General Vannacci, overexposed in the media by the story linked to his book. It should in fact be considered that the commander of the Military Geographical Institute is also attributed territorial responsibility and the management of relations between the Army, local authorities and institutions.

At the same time, an investigation was launched to ascertain the facts; deed due pursuant to articles 552 and 553 of the Consolidated Military Law.