Army international reference for Mountain Warfare

(To Army Majority State)

The Alpine Brigade Taurinense recently completed two important exercises, which saw the Army's Alpine troops collaborate with international units and partners, such as the Royal Omani Army and the United Kingdom Army, with the aim of strengthening operational capabilities and interoperability with armed forces of other countries.

In Cuneo, the Alpini of the 2nd regiment collaborated with the soldiers of the Royal Omani Army in the "Sun Mountain 3" exercise. The training took place in two phases: the first in the Gesso valley, with various typical exercises Mountain Warfare, focused on developing the ability to live, move and fight in a mountain environment, with climbing exercises and overcoming vertical obstacles. The second, at the Baudenasca training area, focused on combat in urban environments.

At the same time, in L'Aquila, the Alpini of the 9th regiment collaborated with the 4th battalion of the princess of Wales's royal regiment, British infantry unit, in the “Roman Star 2023” exercise. This saw numerous tactical climbing activities and shooting exercises both on site and in the Abruzzo Apennines. The Alpine troops of the 9th organized several marches in the mountains, including movement on the wall, and training exercises Mountain Warfare, highlighting the peculiar capabilities of the Alpine troops.

These exercises fall within the scope of the efforts of the Army and therefore of the Alpine Brigade Taurinense to strengthen its operational capabilities and collaborate closely with international partners, both NATO and non-NATO, to guarantee security and stability in multiple and different contexts.