“Apollo 23” and “Demetra 23” exercises

(To Army Majority State)

The brigade command Ram and the employee of the 132nd tank regiment carried out a planning and management activity in the 'Ariete' multifunction center which was essential for the declaration of "ready for use".

The activities culminated in the carrying out of a command post exercise, which allowed us to test the ability to conduct an operation in a context warfighting and to verify the skills achieved in the development of the planning decision-making process in compliance with the NATO and national directives in force.

In particular, the activity was aimed at exercising the ability to command and control (C2) on dependent structures/units and to verify the skills acquired.

The 132nd Tank Regiment developed an exercise with the aim of implementing cooperation and interoperability between all units involved. In particular, the participating units trained according to the multi-weapon approach and through the contextual use of maneuver units, combat support and logistics components.​